About Us


NICON Group of Colleges is the largest leading chain of skill based ‘hands-on-training’ providers for a range of vast short IT, Technical & Vocational trainings, linguistics, College/University i.e. IELTS, TOEFL and Business and Management courses coupled with HR, IT and Management consultancy solution providers to the corporate clients in Pakistan. Its educational heritage can be traced back since 1984. NICON has always led the market by introducing latest market driven IT, linguistics and Management Courses. It is considered to be the pioneer for introducing International Qualifications and Certifications in Pakistan.

Today, NICON is a trusted name for its practical oriented / project driven hands-on-trainings in Pakistan. The group is determined to continue striving hard for arranging and ensuring comprehensive opportunities for the students related to their educational and personal development through its appropriate supportive learning environment. NICON has the ability to strike a perfect synergy among the skills offering technical & vocational trainings with practical experiences and that makes it different from other institutions.

NICON Group of Colleges is best known and recognized for its forward looking approach to higher education coupled with imparting and ensuring quality education to the potential students at a very cost effective rate, which is an integral requirement of the employers these days. NICON has maximum reach to its potential students through Campus Based Trainings in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Gujar Khan and Mirpur – AJK, through Internet Based Training (IBT) in areas where Internet facility is available and through Distance Learning Method (DLM) in remote – distant areas where Internet facilities are not available.

Vision Statement

To make NICON Group of Colleges – the symbol of quality education and market leader for promoting “Learning through Skills” in Pakistan and all across the Globe.

Mission Statement

To achieve advancement in learning by providing quality training through highly qualified, trained and experienced trainers coupled with the latest technological innovations and through providing life-changing opportunities that distinguishes NICON students all around the world by providing them the knowledge and unique skill-set to be a successful entrepreneur or a skilled team worker; thereby making NICON highly adaptive to change and a continual learning organization.

Goal Statement
  1. NICON will foster an actively engaged and inclusive learning community based upon civility, trust, integrity, respect, and diversity in a safe, welcoming physical environment.
  2. NICON will prepare students for careers and life-long learning by providing highly qualitative education and intensive training programs, culminating in student expertise at highly professional levels.
  3. NICON will enhance advising, support services, and learning experiences that aids students in identifying life goals, planning academic careers, and achieving timely graduation.
  4. NICON will invest in the professional development of all members of the institute and in the appropriate technologies necessary to achieve excellence in learning through teaching, research, and services.
  5. NICON will establish priorities through planning and assessment processes that anticipate our needs and focus our efforts and resources in support of our determined mission and goals.
Affiliation & Collaborations

NICON enjoys an excellent reputation in the market and that is why NICON has its affiliation with many leading national and international Universities and Awarding bodies.
Affiliations with Pakistani Bodies

  •  TEVTA – AJK
    • Similar to TEVTA – Punjab, NICON has affiliation with TEVTA – AJK for its Mirpur Campus.
  •  Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education
    • NICON’s subsidiary Jinnah Public School & College is affiliated with FBISE Islamabad for SSC and HSSC programs.
  •  Skill Development Council-Lahore, Govt. of Pakistan.
    • NICON is affiliated with SDC-Lahore for offering a large number of courses including Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Building & Construction, Education, Technical & Vocational qualifications.

    Affiliations with International Bodies

    •  Edexcel International – UK
      • Edexcel International is the UK’s largest awarding body for offering over 5000 qualifications around the Globe. Edexcel UK has granted the affiliation to NICON for offering its Higher National Diploma that is recognized by Higher Education Commission – Govt. of Pakistan as equivalent to 14 years of education in Pakistan. NICON offers HND in following:
        • Higher National Diploma in Business
        • Higher National Diploma in Computing
        • Higher National Diploma in Art & Design
        • Higher National Diploma in Construction
        • Higher National certificate in Business
        • Higher National certificate in Computing
        • Higher National certificate in Art & Design
        • Higher National certificate in Construction

      National University of Science & Technology (NUST) – College of EME
      NICON, in collaboration with NUST – CEME, is conducting short term professional and demand driven courses for NUST students as well as outsiders at College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering – NUST since 2010. A number of successful trainings have been organized during this tenure. These trainings include IT, Management and Linguistics courses conducted by highly skilled professionals.
      Pakistan Computer Bureau
      Pakistan Computer Bureau – A govt. funded organization is chartered to promote IT skills in Pakistan. PCB has been offering IT courses to enhance the computer skills of employees working in govt. sector as well as students.
      NICON is an authorized training partner of PCB. NICON has conducted a large number of training batches in its campuses where IT industry professionals have conducted the trainings and PCB had assessed those students through NTS in order to maintain the transparency. NICON has the honor to impart training to the personnel of Pakistan National Assembly in the field of computing.
      National Vocational & Technical Education Commission is a govt. funded program to enrich Pakistan with highly skilled technical manpower. NAVTEC has been offering different technical programs by outsourcing them to public and private institutions.
      NICON is also enlisted as private institute to offer NAVTEC sponsored technical and vocational trainings in its campuses. These trainings include IT and Engineering short courses.
      CISCO – Network Academy
      NICON is an authorized CISCO training partner in Pakistan. It is registered as CISCO Local Academy for offering training of Cisco Certifications. NICON trains a good number of trainees who, after training, appears in the Cisco’s industrial exam and pass that exam.
      NTS – Training Partner for ETS tests (TOEFL, A-1 Certificate for spouse, TOEIC)
      NICON is an authorized NTS training partner in Pakistan. It is registered for offering training of ETS tests in Pakistan as well as for conducting tests of NICON students in its premises.
      Alliance Francaise – Training Partner for French courses and Certifications
      NICON is an authorized training partner in Pakistan. NICON trains a good number of trainees who, after training, tend to appear in the Alliance Franceaise French tests with the aim to apply for study, work and spouse visa purposes.
      British Council – IELTS Registration Centre and Platinum Member of IELTS Partnership Programme
      NICON is an authorized IELTS online registration center and recognized training provider as member of IELTS Partnership Programme in Pakistan. NICON is the largest IELTS training provider in Pakistan.
      AEO – Australian Education Office Authorized Registration center for IELTS
      NICON is an authorized AEO IELTS application collection center in Pakistan. It is registered for offering training of IELTS tests in Pakistan.

    Corporate Clients

    NICON is not only specific to campus based or general trainings. NICON has a vast experience of providing services to corporate clients as well. The list of corporate clients is quite big therefore list of most frequent clients is as follows.

    • Pakistan Army
    • Pakistan Air Force
    • International Finance Corporation – World Bank
    • Federal Public Service Commission
    • Pakistan Ordinance Factory
    • State Bank of Pakistan
    • UNESCO
    • UNDP
    • International NGOs
    • Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    A Wide Range of Courses Offered by NICON

    NICON has the widest range of Courses available. It won’t be wrong to say that NICON has a course for everyone according to their needs. NICON offers courses under following programs:

  • Certificate Courses
    •  Information Technology
    •  Civil Surveyor
    •  Draftsman
    • Quantity Surveyor
    • AutoCAD
    •  Electrical
    •  Electronics etc.
  • IT Specialization Courses
    • Basic IT Courses
      • Basic IT (ITPB)
      • MS Office 2007
      • MS Office 2010
    • Programming Languages
      • C#
      • Java
      • VB.Net
      • PHP
      • ASP.Net
      • Oracle etc.
    •  Computer Networks
      • MCSE
      • MCITP
      • CCNA
      • Network +
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
      • Sun Solaris
    •  Multimedia
      • Multimedia NLE
      • Web & Graphics
      • E-Commerce
      • Content Management System (CMS)
    •  Computer Hardware
      • A+ Hardware
  •  Linguistic Courses
    • English Language Courses
    • IELTS & TOEFL Trainings
    • French Language
    • German Language
    • Arabic Language
    • Chinese and Korean Languages etc.
  •  Management Courses
    • Project Management
    • MS Project 2010
    • Primavera P6
    • Human Resource Management
    • Business Communication
    • Conflict Resolution Management etc.
  • International Programs
    • Higher National Diploma (HND) by Edexcel – UK
      • HND in Business
      • HND in Computing
      • HND in Art & Design
      • HND in Construction
    • Higher National Certificate by Edexcel – UK
      • HNC in Business
      • HNC in Computing
      • HNC in Art & Design
      • HNC in Construction
    •  Accounting & Financial Trainings
      • ACCA
      • CAT
      • FIA
      • Peachtree
      • Quickbooks
      • Tally
      • Sage
    • Construction & Building Related Trainings
      • AutoCAD
      • Civil Surveyor
      • Quantity Surveyor
      • Building Electrician
      • Practical work Total Station and Theodolite
      • 3D Studio Max
      • Primavera
    • Other Trainings
      • Call Center Training
      • Air Line Ticketing and Crew Training
      • Mobile Phone Repairing
      • CCTV Camera Installation and Repairing
      • Network Installation and Development
    Mode of Training at NICON

    NICON Group of Colleges offers education and training in a unique manner i.e. combining the traditional class room teaching with latest technological developments. NICON offers training through following modes:

    • Traditional Classroom Teaching
    • Open Learning
    • Distance Learning
    • Online Learning
    • Or a combination of the above.
    Quality Assurance Mechanism

    The College’s vision is “To be a College of the highest reputation” and it aims to provide “accessible, high quality, lifelong learning opportunities in a safe and supportive environment.”
    The purpose of the Quality Policy is to provide the framework and support for relevant College staff in aspiring to this vision and mission.

    Key Principles

    1. The first key principle specific to the Quality Policy is that staff, students and other stakeholders have a vital role to play in evaluating quality and in identifying areas for enhancement.
    2. A second key principle specific to the Academic Quality Policy is that all provision should be subject to review to ensure that:
    • Courses are relevant to students and other stakeholders;
    • Staffing, accommodation and other resources are appropriate to deliver the provision;
    • Learning and teaching approaches are appropriate;
    • Assessments are valid and reliable, and carried out appropriately;
    • Individual support needs are met in both delivery and assessment.
    3. A third key principle specific to the Quality Policy is that internal arrangements should address the requirements of external scrutiny,


    NICON’s Quality Assurance Mechanism (QAM) is an independent body that audits the key activities of teaching, training, learning, research and management in all NICON campuses (NICON own campuses and approved study centres of NICON Group of Colleges). QAM checks how campuses maintain their own academic standards and quality and as a whole group. QAM reports on how they meet their responsibilities identify good practice and make recommendation for improvement. NICON’s QAM publish guidelines to help institutions develop effective systems to ensure students have the best learning experience. One of the key functions of the NICON QAM is to work with academic and administrative staff involved across the NICON Group of Colleges to:
    • Assure and enhance the quality of the educational and learning experience of Internal (studying at NICON campuses through traditional classroom teaching) and External (studying through open / virtual / distance learning – with / without the assistance of approved study centres) students.
    NICON’s Education system particularly IT, Technical and Vocational training provides pathways for new entrants to the labour market. In addition to this, students seeking higher education, self-employment or career change are also facilitated by a wide range of most modern syllabus and courses offered at NICON. NICON equips individuals with the right skills required in a modern economy and delivers training that is practical and career-oriented. NICON’s education and training system powered by robust quality assurance mechanism (QAM) is highly advanced, following two decades of continuous reform. Any qualifications under the NICON QAM can provide the foundation for progressing into higher level studies including Diploma and university Bachelor degree courses.
    NICON offers a wide range of education and training options including courses in the popular fields of information technology, technical & vocational, web based solutions including ecommerce, business studies, design, marketing, hospitality and tourism. In addition to this, NICON’s languages and linguistic depart is also a backbone to NICON product range. NICON is the leading and No. 1 chain of institutions in the twin cities to offer widest range of IT, Technical & Vocational courses coupled with language training Particularly English language not only to individuals but also corporate training to many multinational, local, NGOs, Banks, Financial Institutions, govt. and semi govt. Organizations.
    NICON’s qualifications are designed to provide students with the competencies that employers have identified as critical to their needs. Students graduate from NICON when they achieve the set competency standards. The NICON’s QAM underpins the NICON’s Education and training system to enable consistent, high quality training and assessment to be delivered and recognized across Pakistan and abroad as well. NICON QAM is committed to a critical examination of quality and related issues in education and training particularly focused towards distance learning programs.
    NICON devotes itself to the dissemination of best practice for consistent improvement in education and training through effective and efficient management of change. NICON frequently invites insights into the perceptions and opinions of quality in education of a number of stakeholders to gain a balanced view. NICON QAM seeks to contribute to developing effective strategies to deal with the complex and uncertain environment in which education now operates. The aim is to compare and evaluate perceptions of quality of education by a number of stakeholders.
    NICON’s Quality assurance mechanism is effective and efficient because it analyses from both ways i.e. internal and external quality assurance of education and training; and finally tries to match NICON’s internal resources with the demands of external environment before its competitors. NICON’s QAM equally applies to all modes of delivering instruction: Traditional Classroom Teaching, Open Learning, Virtual / Distance Learning OR a combination of the above. NICON’s QAM performs this task through a variety of mechanisms:
    • Ensuring control and consistency in standardization of quality education and training.
    • Frequent Faculty development and training programs.
    • Intercampus Exchange of Students and Teachers programs.
    • Feedback through Open and Closed ended questionnaires and group discussions.
    • Revision / up gradation of Courses through constant Research and Development Program.
    • Evaluation of internal quality assurance in all campuses
    • Evaluation of specific types of educational provision system Evaluating students’ skills and competencies through combination of written examinations, individual / group assignments, presentations, viva and projects.
    The centralized students’ evaluation system is developed and constantly monitored by a group of subject / industry specialist team comprising of highly qualified, experienced and professional faculty members.
    Each campus is responsible for the quality of its own educational and training provision under the guidelines of the head office. The campuses are required to demonstrate their own quality assurance standards closely matching the same academic standards and criteria set by the main campus.

    Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism at the Campus Level

    All campuses enjoy a high degree of autonomy and are themselves responsible for the quality of their educational provision. The campuses must be able to demonstrate how this responsibility is followed up through the operation of an internal quality assurance system that complies with NICON’s set criteria. The link between internal and external quality assurance is established through the following NICON’s (campuses’ internal quality assurance with reference to this – set of – criteria) evaluations methodologies:
    • To constitute a syllabus evaluation committee comprising of highly qualified team of professionals to ensure quality of education and standardization.
    • Assignment Evaluation Committee.
    • Exemption Evaluation and Awarding Committee
    • Examination / Certificate Diploma Awarding – Recommendation Committee.
    • To constitute a syllabus evaluation committee comprising of highly qualified team of professionals to ensure quality of education and standardization.

    External Quality Assurance Mechanism at the Organizational Level

    NICON’s QAM department is located outside of NICON campuses enabling it to act as independent external verifier and evaluator. NICON’s QAM is given the responsibility for conducting external quality assurance and performs this task through different types of evaluations and other assessment methods. All quality assessments are carried out by means of independent external expert panels.

    Administer Training programs

    Carry out comparative study coupled with volumetric analysis and sample evaluations with the purpose of investigating, assessing and developing the quality of education in NICON Group of Colleges.

    Institutional Accreditation

    NICON’s Institutional accreditation empowers its campuses to prepare its students for award, certificate, diplomas and post graduate courses in affiliation with or as accredited study centers of various national and international boards / awarding bodies. Each campus has achieved the affiliated / accredited status after fulfilling the requirements of individual boards / awarding bodies.

    QAM Institutional Audits

    NICON’s QAM audits represent the systematic, comprehensive mechanism for the external and internal evaluation of education and training, covering all campuses. NICON maintains its quality cycle after every 6 months in order to review and evaluate learning/training programmes which helps to improve our quality standards. First Cycle is from April to September and 2nd cycles are from September to March. The audits are evaluations of the individual campus’s internal quality assurance work in relation to a set of broad NICON’s criteria. The evaluations cover NICON’s quality assurance system as a formal structure, the documentation it produces and the institution’s own assessment of quality throughout its portfolio.

    NICON’s Qualifications Framework also ensures that only accredited qualifications are delivered. All campuses of NICON offering vocational and technical education are accredited by National Training Board, Govt. of Pakistan, Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore, Skill Development Council Govt. of Pakistan, Edexcel International (UK’s largest awarding body) and other respective boards / bodies.
    NICON has comprehensive quality assurance mechanisms embedded in its education system at the campus and at the institutional level. NICON’s campuses are self-accrediting and operate within a framework of autonomy and accountability. In a competitive world, NICON’s campuses ensure that the courses meet the most recent demands for knowledge and skills. NICON provides its students with quality assurance and high levels of on-going support. NICON is offering courses at either at its own campuses or with a local education partner, the mandate of QAM has been extended to audit these courses / training programs so that the campuses maintain standards at least equivalent to those provided in the main campus. The NICON’s Quality Assurance Mechanism also controls, monitors, reviews and provides advice on quality assurance processes in the vocational education and training system and at the same time ensures that the system provides quality training that is relevant to industry.

    NICON’s Equal Opportunities Policy

    Policy Statement:

    NICON Group of Colleges is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and aims to provide a working, learning, assessment and social environment that are free from unfair discrimination. NICON has been and will continue to observe   advance equality of opportunity for all current and potential students, staff and its other stakeholders.It will not discriminate unfairly on the basis of gender, gender reassignment, disability, race, ethnic or national origin, age, sexual orientation, socio economic background, religion and belief, political beliefs, family circumstances including marriage and civil partnership etc.

    Further Aims Reflecting the Equality Public Duties:
    The policy seeks to;

    •      Eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimization in relation to the characteristics highlighted within the policy statement.
    •      Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a characteristic and those who do not
    •      Foster good relations between people who share a characteristic and those who do not.

    2.     The following corporate Equality Objectives have been derived from the declared beliefs and values of the NICON Group of Colleges as articulated in the
    NICON’s Mission Statement.

    • NICON is passionate about achieving equality of opportunity for all its students, staff and other stakeholders and will do so by identifying measurable Equality Objectives and working closely with individuals and groups identified within the Equalities governance structures.
    • NICON values and supports the significant economic, intellectual, contributions our diverse staff and student can make internationally, and recognizes the role it plays in ensuring that our staff and student are aware of equalities within their work.


    • NICON seeks to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimization.
    • The NICON will advance equality of opportunity, equal participation and harmonious relations for its diverse student and staff body in all its functions including in its role as a provider of higher education and an employer.
    • NICON will make reasonable adjustments and promote equality of opportunity for all to ensure that we provide first rate teaching and research environment.

    NICON values the positive contributions individuals and groups can make in advancing equalities for all, and is committed to listening and learning from the diverse range of people who have a relationship with NICON.

    International Affiliations

    Edexcel UK

    Edexcel is part of Pearson, the world’s largest education business and the owner of the FT and Penguin. It is the UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing to schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in the UK and internationally.

    In 2008, we delivered 8.2 million exam scripts in over 85 countries, with 4.3 million marked onscreen using the groundbreaking ePen technology. Our general qualifications taken internationally include GCSEs, AS and A Levels, IGCSEs and O Levels.

    Edexcel’s vocational qualifications include NVQ and BTEC from entry level to Higher National Diplomas. Its entire vocational portfolio had over one million registrations across 45 countries.

    NICON Group of Colleges is affiliated with Edexcel for offering BTEC qualifications in Pakistan. NICON, at present, is offering Higher National Diploma in:

    • HND BAF(Business, Accounting & Finance)
    • HND Computing & System Development
    • HND Fashion & Textiles
    • HND Construction & Built Enviornment

    HND offered by NICON is acknowledged by Higher Education Commission – Govt. of Pakistan as equivalent to 14 years of education in Pakistan (i.e. Simple Bachelors Degree).


    NICON Group of Colleges is affiliated as a Local Network Academy of ITU CISCO. It is offering CISCO Certifications.


    NICON Group of Colleges is authorized to conduct ETS – TOEIC testing in its Campuses through NTS – Authorized ETS Testing Partner.

    British Council

    NICON Group of Colleges is a Platinum Member of British Council for their IELTS Registration Program.

    Australian Education Office

    NICON Group of Colleges is IELTS Registration Partner of AEO for IELTS Registrations.

    City & Guilds International English Examinations

    City & Guilds International ESOL and Spoken ESOL (SESOL) are communicative English tests focusing on all four language skills (Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking). They are internationally recognized for both academic progression and employment.

    International ESOL

    International ESOL is one of the most popular examinations sought after by candidates, usually referred to as the ‘written exam’, however it is made up of Reading, Writing and Listening (and not only writing).
    It is great fun for learners to actually take the exam, as they are confronted with interesting language tasks from the everyday, like writing letters to friends, sharing their thoughts, listening to an interesting story or reading a piece of news .

    International Spoken ESOL

    International SESOL is yet another popular exam from among the International English Language suite of qualifications of City & Guilds. It is popularly referred to as the ‘spoken exam’ and tests only speaking skills.

    City & Guilds International English examinations are on-demand with flexible exam dates.

    The examination system allows learners to sit for the examination with skilled and highly carefully chosen professionals, often at their own school, which results in decreased examination anxiety and increased success in performance. City & Guilds International English Qualifications have been developed on the basis of genuine needs of employment contexts and real-life situations with true emphasis on learners’ communicative skills.

    Written and spoken examinations can be taken independently of each other at the candidates’ and/or the center’s convenience.

    Candidates sitting for the examination are allowed to use monolingual dictionaries during the test
    Written and Spoken exams are two separate tests that allows learners to prepare and sit for one or the other examination (at any time) focusing on specific skills-areas.

    The exams are very student and teacher friendly, with little exam-specific preparation required for the tests and an average exam length of about 2.5 hours for the written exam and 15 minutes for the Spoken exam.

    Who Should Attend?

    • Candidate applying for partner / spouse visa
    • Fresh students &business visa applicants
    • Students with Low IELTS bands

    City & Guilds and CEFR Levels




    Skills Tested

    Equivalent UK national levels

    A1 Preliminary

    2 Hours

    Listening, Reading and Writing

    Entry 1

    A2 Access

    2 Hours

    Listening, Reading and Writing

    Entry 2

    B1 Achiever

    2.5 Hours

    Listening, Reading and Writing

    Entry 3

    B2 Communicator

    2.5 Hours

    Listening, Reading and Writing

    Level 1

    C1 Expert

    3 Hours

    Listening, Reading and Writing

    Level 2

    C2 Mastery

    3 Hours

    Listening, Reading and Writing

    Level 3

    Which Level is Right for You!


    You can use everyday expressions & very basic phrases for practical needs; ask & answer questions about personal details; understand short texts on familiar topics & obtain information from signs & symbols; write simple sentences in documents, ie forms.


    You can understand sentences & frequently-used expressions; communicate in tasks requiring exchange of information; obtain information from short documents, familiar sources, signs & symbols; write to communicate with some awareness of intended audience


    You can understand main points of clear standard communication; convey information, feelings & opinions on familiar topics; engage in discussion to reach shared understanding; produce simple connected text; describe experiences, events, hopes & ambitions.


    You can understand main ideas of complex communication; interact with a degree of fluency & spontaneity without strain for either party; engage in discussion in familiar & unfamiliar situations; communicate in detail, appropriate to purpose & audience.


    You can understand demanding texts &recognize implicit meaning; use language fluently & spontaneously; engage in discussion making clear & effective contributions; produce well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects; communicate ideas effectively.


    You can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read; summaries information, reconstruct arguments & accounts coherently; express self spontaneously, fluently & precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in more complex situations.


    City & Guilds International ESOL (IESOL) and Spoken ESOL (ISESOL) qualification are widely accepted around the world as evidence of English language competency.

    City & Guilds is one of only five tests provide whose International ESOL qualifications are approved by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) as part of the new UK immigration requirements.

    Benefits of City & Guilds English Exams

    • The City & Guilds system allows learners to sit for the examination with highly skilled and carefully chosen professionals, often at their own school, leading to decreased examination anxiety and increased success in performance.
    • City & Guilds International English Qualifications have been developed on the basis of genuine employer needs as well as of real-life situations – with true emphasis on learners’ communicative skills.
    • Written and spoken examinations can be taken independently of each other at the candidates’ convenience. They are separate tests, so students can focus their preparations on one exam before the taking the other.
    • Candidates sitting for the examination are allowed to use monolingual dictionaries during the test.

    Related Courses:


    National Affiliations

    Trade Testing Board (KPK)

    Trade Testing Board has been established vide National Ordinance 1980 amended in 2002. As Well Competent Authority vide Notification No SO III (IND) Misc/32/2002 dated 27th August 2003 issued "Notification" that Trade Testing Board will functions independently to implement the provisions of National Training Ordinance 1980
    The Activities of Trade Testing Board initially remained limited to Government institutions only but with the passage of time, it has been felt that all the vocational training activities be made regularized and proper standardized, Therefore the activities of Trade Testing Board spread to private sector as well as public sector.
    NICON Group of Colleges is affiliated with TTB – KPK vide letter no.  for offering Technical & Vocational courses. It has been authorized to conduct the courses under following disciplines for the durations ranging from 3 Months to 1 Year.

    • Civil/Land Survey
    • Quantity Survey
    • Civil Draftsman
    • Diploma in IT
    • Computer Applications
    • Advance Computer Applications
    • Computer Networks
    • Graphics & Multimedia
    • Spoken English
    • AutoCAD

    Punjab Board of Technical Education

    Punjab Board of Technical Education is a Corporate body established under an act called Punjab Board of Technical Education (Amendment) act 1971 to control, develop and regulate Technical, Commerce & Vocational education in the province of Punjab.
    NICON Group of Colleges is affiliated with PBTE for offering 3 years DAE Program in Civil Technology.

    Skill Development Council Lahore

    SDC (Skill Development Council), Lahore is constituted by the Ministry of Labor, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis, Government of Pakistan. SDC operates on Public-Private Partnership. Active Participation of Employers Federation of Pakistan [EFP] and Private Sector Businessmen have created the success story of the Skill Development Council, Lahore. Our aim is to identify, develop and arrange Vocational, Technical / Professional and IT Training Programs. Training Programs are flexible, demand driven and cost effective with maximum participation from the Employers. SDC, Lahore also offers tailor-made courses, according to the customers needs. It conducts Training Needs Assessment Surveys and schedules its training programs accordingly.
    NICON Group of Colleges is affiliated with Skill Development Council Lahore for offering Technical and Vocational Training courses.

    Covid-19 Alert 😷Nicon Offer's E-Learning Platform

    Because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, GOVT is going to enable lockdown again all institute were closed until further notice.

    However, NICON is available as usual with our e-Learning service.

    For e-Learning kindly register with NICON E-LEARNING SYSTEMS.