AutoCAD course is specially designed for those students, who want to become civil engineer and architects. This course requires basic computer knowledge. After Completing this course, you would be able to draw maps of houses, bridges and commercial buildings in 2D and would be able to convert it into 3D Models.

AutoCAD - Civil ( 2D & 3D )

Course Contents of AutoCAD Civil (2D)

  • Setting up Drawing.
  • Draw Toolbar.
  • Modify Toolbar.
  • Drawing Aids (unit conversion).
  • Dimension Settings.
  • Sketching of 5 marla Plot.
  • Optional Setting and layers
  • Dimension and Snap Setting.
  • Elevation with layers.
  • Foundation & Stair Section.
  • Building Section.
  • 10 Marla Plot (Submission Drawing).

Course Contents of AutoCAD Civil (3D)

  • Introduction to AutoCAD (3D).
  • 3D Commands + Short Keys .
  • Room Model with door & windows.
  • Extrusion of complete plan.
  • 3D Orbit & 3D Solids.
  • Solid Editing Toolbar.
  • Building Material & Landscaping.
  • Environmental Background.
  • Isometric Views & JPG File.
  • Rendering & Printing.
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