About Our GTS (Global Testing Service)

NICON has implemented GTS testing software to assess learners, before issuing any certificate. GTS is a unique competency and knowledge-based assessment system to facilitate individuals and organizations for personal/professional growth. GTS provides an excellent opportunity for individual learners as well as organizations to take the tests frequently in order to examine their pre/post-training developments by comparing results and evaluating the performance track record of learners and trainers. The R & D department continuously keep searching for more innovative ideas to make learning more effective and efficient.
Global Testing Service (GTS) has designed and developed the MCQs based practice tests to assist students in gaining success through attempting tests on frequent basis, chapter by chapter, topic by topic, in order to evaluate their competency and knowledge in each specific area so that they could easily identify their strengths and weaknesses; and focus/redirect their energies and resources in overcoming their weaker areas and transforming into a star performer and a high-achiever.

Covid-19 Alert 😷Nicon Offer's E-Learning Platform

Because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, GOVT is going to enable lockdown again all institute were closed until further notice.

However, NICON is available as usual with our e-Learning service.

For e-Learning kindly register with NICON E-LEARNING SYSTEMS.