Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Business

The New RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework) BTEC Higher National qualification in Business is designed to address an increasing need for high quality professional and technical education pathways at Level 4 and 5, thereby providing students with a clear line of sight to employment or to progression to a degree at Level 6. Pearson’s BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business offers the opportunity to specialize within the scope of the specialist units available. BTEC Higher Nationals in Business equips you for careers in business, Accounting & Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Envir, HRM, and Marketing as well as the opportunity to ‘top up’ to the BA (Hons) Degree Program in the leading universities of UK, USA & Australia.

Course Structure

HND is offered as a full-time course of 2 Years duration comprising of Four Semesters. Regular classes will be offered four days per week having 3 hours lecturing each day. Students may opt for Morning / Evening Session **.

Assessment Methodology

A variety of assessment methods, including presentations, problem-solving tasks, case studies, assignments, time-constrained assessments, and work-based projects are used to assess learners.

Mandatory (10 Core Units)

All 10 Units must be taken.

  • U1 Business and the Business Environment
  • U2 Marketing Essentials
  • U3 Human Resources Management
  • U4 Management and Operations
  • U5 Management Accounting
  • U6 Managing a Successful Business Project
  • U7 Business Law
  • U9 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  • U11 Research Project
  • U12 Organizational Behavior


Students may choose any one of the following seven specialization areas.

General Pathway

  • U31 Statistics for Management
  • U32 Business Strategy
  • U36 Human Resources – Value and Contribution to Org. Success
  • U38 Customer Value Management
  • U42 Planning for Growth


Accounting & Finance

  • U13 Financial Reporting
  • U14 Advanced Management Accounting
  • U15 Financial Management
  • U30 Taxation
  • U32 Business Strategy


  • U16Operations and Project Management
  • U17 Understanding and Leading Change
  • U18 Global Business Environment
  • U31 Statistics for Management
  • U32Business Strategy


Entrepreneurship & Small Business Environment

  • U27 Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • U28 Launching a new Venture
  • U29 Managing and Running a Small Business
  • U32 Business Strategy
  • U38 Customer Value Management

Human Resource Management 

  • U19 Resource and Talent Planning
  • U20 Employee Relations
  • U21 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • U32 Business Strategy
  • U36 Human Resources – Value and Contribution to Org. Success

Business Marketing

  • U22 Product and Service Development
  • U23 Integrated Marketing Communication
  • U24 Digital Marketing
  • U32 Business Strategy
  • U40 International Marketing

Business Operations Management

  • U25 Principles of Operations Management
  • U26 Supply Chain Management
  • U32 Business Strategy
  • U35 Developing Individuals, Teams & Org. ­­­