Dutch Language

The origin of the Dutch language has been set at about 700 AD.
Gothic represents the oldest transmitted form of a Germanic language. The basis of the search for the principal features of this language is formed by the bible translation of bishop Wulfila (or Ulfilas c. 350 AD).

Why Learn Dutch?
So you already have some perfectly good reasons for learning Dutch. Maybe you want to be able to communicate with relatives, or to travel to Holland during your summer break, or prepare yourself for study in a Dutch-speaking country. Maybe a Dutch exchange student sparked your interest, or you have a friend who recommended it, or you just like the way the language sounds. Just in case you need some reassurance in your decision or the final push toward taking the plunge.

Course Benefits
Students who completed their Duthc Language Course successfully they will be settled in Different Country where this language is used  and maximum chances of their Job to be expected there with carry bright future. Students have also big chance to immigrate and study there.

Course Contents

  • Level 1: Absolute Beginners: For students without any knowledge of Dutch whatsoever.
  • Level 2: Beginners: For students who do understand some Dutch but are (almost) incapable of making themselves understood in Dutch.
  • Level 3: Lower Intermediate: For students with a global understanding of simple everyday Dutch, capable of making themselves understood in simple everyday Dutch that is still full of mistakes.
  • Level 4: Intermediate: For students with a good understanding of simple everyday Dutch, capable of making themselves understood in simple everyday Dutch with occasional mistakes.
  • Level 5: Advanced: For students with a thorough understanding of simple everyday Dutch and a good understanding of authentic Dutch at an academic level.
  • The objectives of the course are to teach them how to express themselves in formally correct spoken & written Dutch.
  • Everything from Beginner to Advanced Courses
  • Learn Dutch Grammar
  • Grammar Lessons by Topic
  • Learn Dutch Vocabulary Words and Phrases

Course Details

1 Month
5 Days per Week, 1.5 Hrs per Day
Every Monday*
9am to 9pm (Flexible Hrs)
For further details, please check from respective campus.
Any IT Course will help you in self employment or getting Better job.
*Subject to Availability of Teacher & minimum 5 students in a batch.