ASP. NET training is available through either a certification program, or a degree program. Once you complete your certification in ASP. NET Programming, you can usually apply that course work as credits for a degree in computer science. ASP. NET is a very popular programming language that is used to make applets, which work well on the Internet, making ASP. NET a popular choice for web page designers.

Course Benefits

ASP.NET enables developers to build dynamic Web applications and sophisticated user interfaces with minimal code. In this course, you gain the skills needed to develop and deploy Web applications with ASP.NET. You learn how to build sophisticated user interfaces by configuring controls and extending them with custom code. You also learn how to integrate data access with data-source controls.

Who Should Attend?

Those who are interested in building Web applications with ASP.NET. Experience programming in a modern object-oriented language and an understanding of HTML are assumed.

Course Contents

  • Getting Started with ASP.NET
  • Architecting the User Interface (UI)
  • Designing with Master pages
  • Data-driven site navigation
  • Standardizing the UI
  • Retrieving and Updating Data
  • Exploiting the design-time environment
  • Modifying data
  • Reporting
  • Enhancing Web Pages
  • Building master-detail pages
  • Creating reusable UI components
  • Securing the Application
  • Controlling site access
  • Leveraging the Login controls
  • Customizing security
  • Maintaining State
  • Managing user information
  • Caching application information
  • Improving Application Functionality
  • Validating data
  • Simplifying complex processes
  • Handling common tasks
  • Introduction to MVC
  • Deploying Your Application
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