Business Language Testing Service

What is BULATS?
BULATS is a system of tests and courses designed specifically for assessing language ability for the workplace. It can help you stay ahead of your competition and gain a competitive edge by improving your organisation’s communication both to internal and external audiences. BULATS is designed to test the language of employees who need to use a foreign language at work. It is also suitable for learners and employees on professional/business courses where foreign language ability is an important element of the course.
Individuals with the right language skills are always in demand.

  • BULATS is recognised by many of the world’s leading businesses, universities and governments. For example, a BULATS score in English can be used as proof of your English skills when applying to work, study or live in English-speaking countries.
  • BULATS gives you an accurate assessment of your business language skills. You can use BULATS to test the effectiveness of training programmes, language courses etc.
  • BULATS is flexible and easy to use. Tests can be taken when it suits you, with minimal time between applying to take BULATS and your test date. You can choose whether you take your test online, via CD-ROM or as a paper-based test.
  • Get your results quickly so you can make important decisions about future jobs.
  • BULATS assesses the communication skills needed for real business situations. It enables you to see your strengths and weaknesses in all four of the language skills listening, speaking, reading and writing. Results are linked to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the standard benchmark used internationally to describe language ability.
  • BULATS is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Course Details

1 Month
6 Days/ Week
Available in both Morning & Evening shifts.

BULATS program is offered in all campuses of NICON Group of Colleges. For further details, please contact your nearest NICON Campus. This training program is also available in Online Trainings.

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