What is Pearson Assured?

What is Pearson Assured?

Pearson Assured is a service that independently benchmarks and verifies the training provided by various organizations and bodies.

Our expertise in training, education, and quality assurance mean that Pearson is ideally placed to ensure your systems and processes are thoroughly developed and effectively implemented.

NICON offers a wide range of Pearson Assured Programmes thereby providing comprehensive opportunities to the learners for educational and personal development through a supportive learning environment and a commitment to the creation/development of skills, ideas, and transmission of knowledge. NICON offers a wide range of courses for learners by offering a progression pathway of Pearson Assured Programmes.

Pearson Assured Certificates

On successful completion of courses, Pearson Assured Certificates will be awarded through NICON. These certificates will be issued to learners after completing the course requirements successfully. These certificates may be verified and attested by Pearson, British Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Pearson Assured certificates are highly recognized and accepted throughout the world particularly in the Middle East for the purpose of jobs.