PHP Web Development


The course is about Designing and programing Web and Windows applications using PHP. Analyze user requirements and design classes, user interfaces and databases. Create PHP Web applications and process Web Forms. Control Web site access with Web Forms authentication.

Course Benefits

PHP is a scripting language used to create dynamic, complex and robust Web pages. It can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of database servers, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. In this course, you gain a solid foundation for incorporating PHP techniques. Extensive hands-on exercises provide you with the skills to produce dynamic Web pages, retrieve and manipulate data, track user navigation, and integrate database content.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to PHP & Writing Web Pages with PHP .
  • Interacting with the server, Manipulating user input.
  • Presenting the user with input options via different.
  • HTML form elements, Validating retrieved data.
  • Retrieving from data with $_POST and $_GET arrays.
  • Strategies for handling invalid input.
  • Creating and modifying PHP pages.
  • Working with variables and data types.
  • Using if/else if/else statements to control processing conditionally. Creating arrays.
  • Creating programs that include for, while, and do loops to process statements repeatedly.
  • Employing the break, continue, and exit statements to modify default loop behaviors.
  • Manipulating strings in PHP using built-in functions.
  • Using and writing functions, including many new PHP7 features such as type declarations, REST parameters and argument unpacking.
  • Using PHP include & required.
  • Maintaining state using cookies, session variables, hidden form fields and query strings.
  • Using an object-oriented API to access SQL to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE data from tables.
  • Using the phpMyAdmin utility to administer the MySQL database.