Mobile Phone Repairing

Hardware Section

  • Basics of Mobile Communication, Tools & Instruments
  • Use of Multi meter, Use of Battery Booster
  • Basic Circuit Board Introduction, Assembling & Disassembling
  • Mobile Phone Reconditioning, Identification of Different ICs
  • Work of Different Ics. Fault Diagnosing & Troubleshooting
  • Jumpering Techniques, Water / Liquid Damage Repairs,
  • Keypad, Battery / Charging, On / Off Button, Signal Reception, LCD, LED, Bluetooth / WiFi, Power, Microphone / Mouthpiece, Speaker / Ear Piece & Solutions.

Practice Section

  • Practice of Soldering Iron, Practice Of S.M.D Rework Station
  • Soldering & Disordering Components, Practice of Regulated Power Supply
  • Usage of Mobile P.C.B Holder, Usage of BGA Plate
  • Usage of BGA Paste / S.M.D Paste, Usage of Circuit Checking Device
  • Working on S.M.D / BGA ICs and the P.C.B, Colour Light Installation
  • Sim Jack, LCD Jack & Charging Jack Sold & Unsold
  • All Types of ICs Replacement, IC Alteration & Jumping Techniques

Course Objective

  • To make a student that can able to assembly-disassemble, Service & checking components of mobile Phones PCB (printed circuit broad) with using proper tools. On completion of this course he/she will be able to diagnose & repair any kind of mobile phones software & hardware faults and can easily Read mobile phone block & layout Diagrams diagnose problems and repair it by using proper tips and techniques.

Career Option

On the successful completion of this course the student can join as a customer support executive in any existing mobile service center & repairing Center. Or establish his/her own business of mobile phones.

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