Web Designing & Dev.


Diploma in Web Designing and Development help ensure new designers are able to design and deliver a site that offers an outstanding User Experience (UX) supported by an innovative User Interface (UI) this Diploma also discusses the reasons, requirements, relationships, capabilities and features of the systems they will be using and gives them an opportunity to explore various tools, techniques and technologies with ‘good design’ principles to plan, design and review a multipage website.

Course Benefits

You will be able to explain server technologies and management services associated with the hosting and management of secure websites, categories website technologies, tools and software used to develop websites, utilize website technologies, tools and techniques with good design principles to create a multipage website and create & use a Test Plan to review the performance & design of a multipage website.

Who Should Attend?

Web Designing and development is meant for those individuals who wish to start their career in web designing and development also this training is highly relevant for those who are working in the capacity of: Senior Mgt., Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketing Manager.

Award of Diploma

Diploma in Web Designing and Development will be awarded by Pearson UK subject to meeting the minimum assessment criteria requirements. Pearson Assured certificate /Diploma may also be attested by British council and Foreign office (Government of Pakistan) for the purpose of seeking job.

Course Contents

  • Hosting and website management
  • Different server technologies
  • Advantages of an integrated database system
  • with regards to expanding website capability
  • Web development technologies & frameworks
  • Website technologies, tools, techniques & software
  • Establish the client and user requirements
  • Research and create a multipage website
  • Factors that influence website performance
  • Establish a test plan & assess the performance of web.