Comparing Learning Patterns (CLP)

CLP is a unique concept of examining the learning and performance patterns of learners as well as trainers. CLP functions at three levels:

1. Individual/Learner Level:

Learner can compare his/her own past test results.

Learners can compare their tests, in order to evaluate their personal/professional competency growth patterns and to further elaborate their strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject/area/topic.

2. Trainer Level:

Trainer can compare the results of individual students and can also compare results of up to 4 students at a time.

Trainers can compare the results of individual learners to see their academic track record in a specific subject or as a whole. Additionally, Trainers have the access to compare the results of many learners at a time so that they could evaluate their learning patterns and design/implement an effective & efficient training plan.

3. Institution Level:

The Head of an Institution has the right to compare the results of up to 4 teachers at a time to examine the performance of trainers with the help of learners’ results.

This comparison will assist in identifying the training needs of trainers and will further assist in designing and implementing an effective & efficient “Train the Trainer program” thereby resulting in:

  • Enhanced Individual’s Performance.
  • Enhanced overall Organizational Performance.