ORACLE Application Express


Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), formerly called HTML DB, is a rapid web application development tool for the Oracle database. Using only a web browser and limited programming experience, in this training you will learn how to navigate APEX effectively and understand how to build core components as we guide you through creating web interfaces including forms, reports, calendar and charts. We will highlight new features and workflows using the new page designer in APEX 5.0. You will also learn how to secure your application as we discuss many best practices and general guidelines.

Pre- Requisite

A basic knowledge & understanding of

  • Web based applications(HTML/CSS/JS), even at a “user” level
  • Application development.
  • A graphical user interface, e.g. buttons, lists, etc.
  • Database Preferably Oracle Developer or DBA Track
  • PL/SQL.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals, Programmers, Software developers, web developers. Anyone desirous to proceed his/her career as a software developer for next level.

Course Benefits

Oracle Application Express Release 5.0 to onward versions, further streamlines the development of database-centric Web applications. In this course, you’ll learn to rapidly develop a Web application, website & Mobile application. You can design and develop effectively and efficiently, a comprehensive solution for SMEs and large organizations by using most latest developing tool.

  • Introduction to Application Express
  • Using SQL Workshop
  • Building a Application
  • Creating Reports & Forms
  • Page and Regions
  • Items and Buttons
  • Session State and Debugging
  • Page Processing
  • Shared Components
  • Themes


The OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) program was developed by ORACLE Corp. to recognize technical professionals who can demonstrate the depth of excellence established by Oracle Corp. This database is integral to the success of today’s increasingly complex system requirements. On the front end, oracle IDS Developer is Oracle’s Premier Development tool set.

Course Benefits

After doing this course you would be able to develop database software of high quality. You will enter in the software industry. You will be able to develop complex software for different business areas. This is an international certification, which will help you to get employment any where in the world.

Who Should Attend?

Any one who wants to enter in the world of database software development. This course has been proven a successful key to submit final project of degree programs.

Course Contents

  • Build Application Forms1
  • Build Application Forms2
  • Reports


The Oracle DBA training course is an intensive designed to provide Oracle professionals with an in-depth understanding of the DBA features of Oracle, specific Oracle concepts and knowledge required for the OCP exam, and tips and techniques for passing the Oracle OCP exam on your first attempt. Broad in scope, this course covers all of the Oracle Database Administration topics including SGA instance management, file & table space management, user administration & security and table & index management.

Course Benefits

This is an international certification, which will help you to get employment any where in the world. You can fit your self in any enterprise level organization of the world. Persons after this course will be able solve all performance & tuning issues of databases.

Who Should Attend?

Any one who wants to go into depth of Oracle Database Administration. This course suits the students of engineering/IT/CS & also for those who want to be student of engineering/IT/CS. If you are ambitious to handle the enterprise database; this is the best course for you.

Course Contents

  • Fundamentals1
  • Fundamentals2
  • Performance & Tuning