Salient Features & Unmatched Benefits

Salient Features

NICON is offering a wide range of Pearson Assured Training Programs. NICON is a Pearson Assured Organization which establishes that all of its operations are in compliance with the strong Quality Standards defined by Pearson UK.

Pearson qualifications are widely taught, recognized and respected, and the standards that applied to these qualifications are the same standards that are applied to Pearson Assured service as well. Therefore, the same standards and quality are ensured.

However, it is important to note that Titles that have the Pearson Assured status are not backed by any qualifications framework i.e. Ofqual or BTEC. They will not be set at any level regulated by the UK regulator.

While doing any Pearson Assured Training from NICON, you will be eligible to claim your Pearson Assured Certificate after successfully completing all the assessment criteria requirements, an independent testing and assessment by LITS, and formal approval from the academic department at NICON.

Unmatched Benefits

Unmatched benefits of International Courses are as follows:


These certificates have the acceptability and recognition throughout the world particularly in Middle East and Gulf countries for job purpose.

Wide Range

Unlimited learning opportunities for students to choose from a wide range of courses approved by government of Dubai.


There are no time and place constraints for students. These courses provide flexible and self-paced learning environment which enables the students to complete their courses at their own pace.


These courses enhance the chances of employment particularly in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Middle East, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Cost Effective

These courses are highly cost effective and have no time constraints for completion of a course which gives students a great opportunity to complete course with convenience.