DLP on the Go !!!

Breaking the boundaries…No Time Limits…

Say ‘NO’ to time and space constraints…..

DLP 360 offers a unique opportunity to its learners and test takers. You can access DLP 360 and take practice tests anytime and from anywhere by using your smart phone, Tab or tablet PC having Internet access.

Whether you are sitting in a cozy room of your office, home, or institution; or traveling in a car, bus, metro, or even flying in airplane…you can do it….

DLP 360 members can avail a number of additional benefits including but not limited to – checking and comparing their results and evaluating their performances track record. DLP 360 helps individuals in identifying their strengths and weaknesses in specific areas and to develop a focused & result oriented study plan accordingly; to become high achiever.

DLP 360 is fully compatible with Smart Phone, Tab, Tablet PC, Apple iPhone/iPad etc. having the operating system: Android, Apple and Windows