• NICON is a training institute offering tuition and/or training services through various modes of learning. This does not mean in anyway its attachment, affiliation, partnership or association with the relevant awarding bodie(s), until and unless otherwise claimed on NICON’s official website for any specific period of time because affiliation status keeps changing/updating from time to time.
  • NICON is neither an awarding body nor it awards any certificate, diploma or degree etc. Learners are only issued a certificate of participation in the training sessions / seminars / workshops etc., which are also released after successfully completing the criteria requirements of specific program including but not limited to attendance, class participation, projects, assignments, assessment etc.
  • NICON’s training/tuition services doesn’t guarantee the passing of any examination(s) rather it only enhances the chances of achieving your required goal (terms and conditions apply). NICON or any of its staff member(s) does not provide any assurances or guarantees of passing the examination/assessment/test of any awarding body within Pakistan or abroad. All learners must have full acquaintance & knowledge about the subject, course contents, syllabus, examination format, and other relevant information including but not limited to tuition fee, test fee, policies, terms and conditions etc., before submitting the examination/test form/fee for appearing in any exam/test of any awarding body within Pakistan or Abroad.
  • NICON staff may assist/facilitate the learners in submitting examination/test form/fee but this doesn’t mean or declare or claim its association/affiliation with that particular awarding/testing body and NICON may charge nominal service charges for providing such services with the consent of the learner.
  • NICON does not accept any fee without issuing proper printed fee receipt having unique QR code, therefore, NICON and its management will not be responsible for any amount given to NICON’s employee without getting proper receipt.
  • NICON, its owners, directors and management will not be responsible for any false claims or promises made by any of its employee(s) which are not mentioned on the official website of NICON. All students and parents are requested to only trust the information mentioned on the official website of NICON i.e www.nicon.edu.pk(which keeps updating from time to time).


*terms and conditions are printed on the backside of admission form, affidavit from student and are also mentioned on the official website of NICON which are also subject to change from time to time.