Computer Hardware Engineer


Diploma programme in Hardware and Networking domain which is amongst the highest paying and fastest growing domain in IT sector. Significant talent shortage in the Networking space has opened up multiple career options for aspiring students and professionals. This course provides students with the competitive edge in IT world. Their technical skills include ability to construct the computer from scratch as well as implementation, management, and maintenance of computer and networks configuration to optimize performance.

Course Benefits

learners will have an understanding of Computer Hardware and networking, the directory based system that supports the addressing and resource management of any large scale networked system.

Who Should Attend?

The course is useful for Computer Hardware & Networking Professionals, System Administrators, Installers and End users, Engineering Graduates will benefit more by attending the workshop also.

Award of Diploma

Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering & Networks will be awarded by Pearson UK subject to meeting the minimum assessment criteria requirements. Pearson Assured certificate /Diploma may also be attested by British council and Foreign office (Government of Pakistan) for the purpose of seeking job.

Course Contents

  • Information to working principle of devices
  • Memory, Mother Board & Power Supply
  • Assembling, dis-assembling of pc, CMOS/bios study
  • Operating system and software installation
  • Configuring cards and devices
  • Dual operating system installation
  • Error identification, Trouble shooting
  • Virus protection & scanning
  • Name Resolution Services, Technology Resources
  • Security Resources, Addressing, Rights, Deployment
  • Interaction with External DNS
  • Test Complex Networks Infrastructure
  • System Assurance, User Assurance Documentation