Computer Based Testing (CBT)

Computer-Based Testing (CBT)?

Computer-based testing is the standard for many other test delivery programs and is becoming the standard format for most of the assessment programs. Computer-Based Testing is a simple, better and faster way to attempt DLP 360 test. It facilitates testing centers to offer a more consistent test delivery, instant scoring, quicker reporting, and enhanced test security.

  • CBT offers objective marking through computer, whereas manual marking is subjective and may be biased.
  • CBT provides instant marking whereas manual marking may be wrong, prejudice and time delaying.
  • CBT is done in person, on a computer having webcam option, at an approved testing center only.
  • GST offers both type of testing; i.e. Online and Offline.

Becoming a DLP 360 approved CBT Center?

  • Educational institutions and training centers are encouraged to apply to become DLP 360 approved CBT center.
  • DLP 360 team will evaluate the application and will award the CBT status, subject to meeting the criteria requirements.
  • CBT centers are reviewed frequently and get renewed CBT status from DLP 360 to ensure test-takers receive the best, fairest experience possible for their test.
  • DLP 360 provides proper training to test center administrators in establishing a new testing center.
  • CBT centers may use desktop computers and laptops having minimum specifications as mentioned by DLP 360.
  • Minimum 15 computers are required to become a testing center approved by DLP 360.