Level 3 Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality

For students new to the hospitality and tourism industry this course is an excellent first step. The Level 3 Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality from CTH-UK provides students with an understanding of these two closely aligned industries, whilst also allowing them to build their credit portfolio and skill set ready to go on to the higher-level study in the field.
By providing students with an overall understanding of the industries, it allows them to explore and identify where their passions and interests lie so that they can then go on to specialise in the more specialist discipline of their choice.
The qualification is a great starting point for those eager to get their foot in the door. It is targeted at the learning needs of those students who are new to the field and typically in the 16 – 18-year age bracket. Through the completion of the course, they not only get a feel for the industry but become certified by CTH for their efforts.

About CTH

CTH, the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality, is an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation established in 1982 specialising in gold standard qualifications for the hospitality, culinary, travel and tourism sectors.
The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) is the UK’s leading specialist professional awarding body established in 1982 for qualifications in the growing hospitality and tourism sector.
CTH employs specialist staff with experience in these industries and links to current industry partners, as well as education or training experience. They are available to discuss your curriculum requirements or queries concerning this qualification.
Aims of the Qualification
The aims are to provide a qualification that:

  • Provides students with an understanding of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry and of the key functions within the sector,
  • Provides for an effective academic progression route,
  • Enables students to gain credit towards higher education,
  • Enables students to develop higher level academic skills that can be applied in a vocational context.

Course units

Students must achieve:

  • All 4 mandatory units, providing 120 credits, all at level 3
  • Unit EHRTH: Essentials of Human Resources and Business Computing in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Unit EMCRTH: Essentials of Marketing and Customer Relationships in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Unit THI: Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Unit ETHO: Essentials of Tourism and Hospitality Operations

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Who Should Attend?
This is an open access qualification with admission at the discretion of NICON for students they consider able to successfully complete the qualification.
Students who do not satisfy the English language requirement may choose to combine this programme with the CTH Level 1 English for Tourism & Hospitality qualification in order to help raise their fluency to the required level.
However, all students should have completed full time secondary education up to age 16, and it is expected that most will have achieved a recognised qualification at Level 2 in some subjects (UK GCSE level or overseas equivalent).
Progression Route
This qualification provides for progression to other qualifications, particularly to CTH’s qualifications at Level 4, or to university degree programmes. Further details of articulation agreements with universities can be obtained via the CTH website at: http://www.cthawards.com

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