Medical Transcription


Medical Transcription (MT) is the manual processing of voice reports dictated by physicians and other healthcare professionals into text format. Healthcare providers voice-record their notes and transcriptionists convert the voice files to text, typically in digital format.  Electronic data is increasingly required for compliance with Health IT and electronic health record (EHR) initiatives. Voice streaming is sometimes used so voice files can reach the MT department for immediate transcription.

Course Benefits

Medical Transcription has been ranked as one of the top ten growth industries for home-based businesses or within a hospital or physician’s office, the duties of an MT are best suited for those persons who are able to concentrate for long periods of time, excel at using reference materials and have an ear for various dialects and accents. Yes, you can work remotely. But keep in mind that typically only experienced medical transcriptionists get this opportunity. New medical transcriptionist will likely need to get experience in a traditional workplace before working at home.

Who Should Attend?

This course does not require any previous medical background. Any aged learner (18 or older) is welcome.

Course Contents

  • Introduction of Medical Transcriptionist
  • Career Path & Forecast for Professional MTs
  • Learning Basic Medical Skills
  • Patient record confidentiality
  • Medical record documentation
  • Electronic patient medical record
  • Terminology for diseases, conditions, and treatment protocols
  • Skill-Training for Transcriptionists
  • Earning Potentials
  • Job environment
  • Medical reports

for NICONions

  • Free E-mail Account
  • 1TB Data Storage
  • Online Microsoft Imagine Academy
  • Certificates for students


6 Weeks

3 Days Per Week, 1.5 Hr Per Day

Every Monday & Thursday*

9am to 9pm (Flexible Hrs)