Advanced Diploma Program in Telecommunication & System Engineering

The diploma and advanced courses offer student the opportunity to learn about the science of electronics engineering technologies in details. These can be divided into three distinct areas such as Electronics, Electrical Power and Telecommunication.
In Electronics, students will have the opportunity to learn the analogue and digital electronics circuits designs, microelectronic systems, telecommunication circuits, power electronics etc.
In Electrical Power, students will be exposed to electrical machines such as motors, generators, transformers and power plants.
In Telecommunications, more emphasis is put on data communications, computer system and internet technologies, radio and mobile communication systems etc.

Who Should Attend?

Whosoever desires to pursue their career in Telecom Industry.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Telecommunication system
  • Signal and system
  • Electromagnetic theory
  • Antenna and radio wave propagation
  • Microwave circuits
  • Advance digital signal processing
  • Wireless Networks
  • Advance Digital Communication
  • Broadband wireless technology
  • Wireless signal processing
  • Optical communication system
  • High speed communication network.