Certificate Program in Digital Data Analysis & Data Mining

Digital data analysis & Data Mining training program provides familiarity with applied probability and statistics, and their relevance in day-to-day data analysis. Participants will be able to explore the various data visualization techniques and their applications using real-world data sets.

Who Should Attend?

Students who want to get understanding of web analytics and metrics, procure and process unstructured text, and delve into the hidden patterns can apply in this course. Also its helps to develop skills in facilitating knowledge discovery using data mining techniques over vast amounts of data

Course benefits:

This course will introduce the theoretical foundation of data mining and a range of data mining processes and techniques. The course will also provide hands-on experience in developing data mining applications using an appropriate programming language or data mining tool.


1. Digital Data Analysis & Mining:

a. Historical and theoretical foundation of data mining, its scope, techniques, and processes

b. Investigate a range of data mining techniques to discover patterns and relationships in large data sets
c. Illustrate how a data mining algorithm performs text mining to identify relationships within text
d. Evaluate a range of graph data mining techniques that recognize patterns and relationships in graph-based technologies

2. Applied Analytical Models:

a. Examine applied analytical modelling methods
b. Prepare a large data set for use in an applied analytical model
c. Demonstrate the use of an analytical model with a large data set
d. Investigate improvements to an applied analytical models