Certificate Program in Drawing Master

Part of painting and drawing is the addition of texture, whether the piece is realistic or abstract. There are various kinds of textures in art and design. Actual or real textures are those that can be touched such as the smooth surface of a metal sculpture or the spiky surface of a cactus. In three-dimensional works, artists use actual texture to add a tactile quality to the work. The course highlights the visual textures that can be created to look like real textures, two-dimensional work of art; texture gives a visual sense of how an object would feel in real life.

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for learners who want to excel there career in Drawing and paintings. This course can help those people who want to put forward their creativity through drawings and paintings

Course benefits

The Program is designed to:

• Equip the drawing teachers with a high level of professional skills.

• Help teachers to add an artistic taste of elementary school children to their role as drawing masters.

• Improve teachers, performance in classrooms by adopting instructional methods relevant to local situation of both urban and rural areas in arts and drawing.

• Provide opportunities to develop skills of curriculum planning, evaluation, creativity, and problem solving contemporary issues.

• Offer learning opportunities to potential, drawing teachers, so that, after one- year, they are able to work with Middle and Secondary school students


  • Principles of Drawing
  • Pencil Drawing
  • Cartoons
  • Objects
  • Dry & Wet paintings
  • Sketching
  • Memory Drawings
  • Portrait
  • Canvas
  • Glass painting
  • Oil painting