Certificate Program in Emergency Response & Warning Training

This training course will help participants understand operational mechanisms and procedures for the prediction, forecasting, monitoring and response to warning and course will also examine the kinds of tools and products that are available or could be developed to integrate information into forms most useful for them to make decisions at various levels; and set-up appropriate contingency plan or options to guide members of their organization against various hazards of different timescales.

Who Should Attend?

Many public services deal with emergency incidents regularly as part of their role. This course will look at the role of the fire service, the police, the ambulance service and other statutory and non-statutory services in dealing with these incidents.

Course benefits:

The aim of this course is to give learners an awareness and understanding of the roles and responsibilities undertaken by emergency services when responding to emergency incidents. They will also be given the opportunity to develop knowledge of how the public services respond to incidents, and why they must pay attention to health and safety. Scene preservation and specialist units will also be investigated in this unit.


  1. Know the importance of responding to emergency incidents safely in response vehicles
  2. Understand the roles and responsibilities of public services when attending the scene of an emergency response incident
  3. Understand the necessity for scene preservation at emergency incidents
  4. Be able to review health and safety considerations during an emergency response incident scenario