Certificate Program in Mobile Application Development

Android is a Linux based operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Android applications are created for the Android operating system.

Who Should Attend?

The Android Developer is a technical course for upcoming and established software developers who build apps for the Android devices.

Course Benefits:

The Android Developer Course boasts workshop and classes in which students can learn new development skills. Some of the classes might be a little advanced for those who haven’t completed an IT Program.

Course Contents

  • Java Concepts
  • Introduction to Android
  • Introduction to OS layers, Working with Real Device
  • Application Structure
  • System Requirements
  • Overview of Android Resources
  • Android Application Fundamentals
  • Emulator (Android Virtual Device)
  • User Interface
  • Working System Resources
  • Intents
  • UI Design
  • Tabs
  • Styles & Themes
  • Content Provider
  • Data Storage
  • Shared Preferences
  • SQL Concepts
  • Introduction to Cloud Database
  • Cursor
  • Adapters
  • Widgets
  • Notifications
  • Android Media API
  • Google Play store
  • Final Project