Certificate Program in Patient Relations

To build a great healthcare organization’s reputation and sustainability, it is very important to reach the “Excellence” by having Patient-focus. This training course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to design and implement a patient experience-based framework to improve the overall performance of healthcare organizations.

Who Should Attend?

Patient Relations training course is ideal for healthcare professionals involved in hospital operations and engaged in the patient care, especially:

  • Healthcare Team Leaders
  • Department Heads
  • Patient Support Services Team
  • Operations Team
  • Quality Officers
  • Head Nurses & Patient Safety Officer

Course benefits:

  • Increase the awareness and skills of the healthcare patient-focused professionals who are passionate to the patients
  • Establish and sustain effective internal and external relationships strategies
  • Build a coaching culture that supports exceptional patient-care experience
  • Identify the differences in patients’ values, preferences and expressed needs


1. Patient-Focus Orientation

a) The 4 Groups of Customers
b) Types of customers
c) The 7 Customer Behaviors
d) Researches Findings
e) A Complaint Is a Gift
f) How to lose your customers?

2. Improving Performance

a) Communication skills with customers
b) Emotional Intelligence
c) Establishing Focus
d) Fostering Teamwork
e) Managing Change

3. Results Orientation

a) Balanced decision making
b) Understanding motivation use
c) Problem and situation analysis
d) Effective Communication
e) Body Language
f) Sandwich Technique

4. Healthcare Quality Orientation

a) Indicators for Customer Satisfaction
b) Cost and Benefits of Quality
c) The Continuous Improvement Process
d) Sustainable development of Quality
e) PDSA Cycle
f) Obstacles to achieving Quality

5. Negotiation Skills

a) Negotiation Styles
b) Win-Win Negotiation
c) 4 Key Concepts in Negotiation
d) Barriers to Agreement
e) Skills of Effective Negotiators