Certificate Program in Photography, Documentary & Ad Making

The Photography program is directed toward individual artistic development with an emphasis on developing the students’ ability to create independent works. Certificate Program in Photography, Documentary & Ad Making helps photographers study cameras and composition, studio and wedding photography, digital imaging, photography business and portraits.

Who Should Attend?

Students who want to learn skills of photography documentary and ad making

Course benefits:

In this course you will explore the different digital media sectors and the products they produce. You will understand the range of technological platforms used to distribute media through photography, documentary and ad making.


1. Photography

a. Be able to use photographic technology, techniques and media that are used to make photographs on location
b. Understand location photography

2. Digital Media Sectors and Audiences
a. Understand digital media sectors, products and platforms
b. Explore how audiences engage with digital media products.

3. Digital Moving Image Production
a. Understand the key features of moving image productions
b. Understand the technical construction of a digital moving image production

4. Digital Publishing Production
a. Know about digital publishing opportunities
b. Produce material for digital publication.

5. Digital Audio Production
a. Understand the uses and purposes of digital audio production
b. Understand the technical requirements for digital audio production