Certificate Program in Virtual Assistant

Course Description

Nowadays the businesses, both established and a new one is desperately the need of administrative type of assistance at an affordable rate. Every business needs versatility in the services performed. If you wanted to have a career as an executive and administrative assistant, it’s a much better time to do so.


As such no prescribed educational requirements for taking up this course, the only professional requirement is that the candidate is able to read the write English at the high school level.


  • Some know-how experience in a business office setting
  • Knowledge and ability to use a computer
  • Knowledge of to use of online technology (i.e. browsers, email, cloud storage, etc.)

Learning outcomes:

  • What is the concept of the virtual assistant and is it a career for you.
  • The transition from the staff or employee to owner of the business.
  • How to compete with the competitors in a market.
  • Choices for a virtual assistant in the corporate sector.
  • Growing of the business that appeals the clients in a market
  • Describing the international competition and use the information technology.
  • Describe upstart needs and small business appeals.
  • Describe small business appeal and upstart needs
  • Searching of organization and their services.
  • Pricing strategy for your services
  • Work from home strategy.
  • Procedure for hiring the employees, new locations, and expanding of your business.
  • Describe expanding your business, hiring employees, and adding a new location
  • Identification of the drawbacks and benefits of the Virtual assistant.