Diploma Program in Child Psychology

Child psychology is the study of the mental, social and emotional development of children from birth through to adolescence. It examines changes in motor skills, cognitive development, language acquisition, and identity formation. This in-depth Child Psychology course will provide you with a fundamental knowledge of the development of children and will give you an integral insight into why children behave the way they do.

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for learners who want to excel there career in dealing with children, school employees and other day care centers

Course benefits:

The aim of this course is to understand young children develop skills and abilities at different rates, although they usually follow the same pattern of development. This unit will develop your knowledge and understanding of children’s psychology and development across five areas of– physical, intellectual, communication and language, social, and emotional.


1. Children’s Growth and Development

  • Understand the characteristics of children’s development from birth to five years old
  • Explore factors that affect growth and development.

2. Learning Through Play

  • Understand how children play
  • Demonstrate how children’s learning can be supported through play.

3. Supporting Children to Play, Learn and Develop

  • Know about adaptations that may need to be made to activities for children in order to support learning and development, promote inclusion and be aware of the role of the adult in managing safe environments
  • Demonstrate understanding of the types of adaptations that may need to be made to activities due to a child’s individual circumstances and environmental risks and hazards that may impact children’s learning and development
  • Apply knowledge and understanding to adapt activities to include all children and promote inclusion
  • Evaluate activities to ensure they best support all children to develop and promote inclusion

4. Child Psychology

  • Psychology meaning in general
  • Children Psychology
  • How children can be dealt in different situations
  • How Children form bond and why it is important?
  • How Children talk and communicate
  • Are some children smarter than others
  • How do we research in Child Psychology
  • Children personality
  • School Going Children