Diploma Program in English Language & Literature (DELL)

This Diploma in English Language & Literature (DELL) provides an opportunity for learners to gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of various important aspects of English Language & Literature. DELL plays a vital role in enhancing the competency level in English Language & Literature by incorporating various tools and techniques of learning throughout the course. This course aims at developing 4 skills of English Language & Literature in order to have effective command on written and oral communication for personal / professional life.

Who Should Attend?

Students, Teachers, Professionals, bankers, salespersons, managers or anyone interested in the development of his/her language skills.

Course Benefits:

If you are here to know the best benefits of improving Spoken English this is the right course for you. English is not just another language that you use on a daily basis; it is the global language that can open the door of opportunities for anyone. Learning this language can help you talk to a lot of people with the utmost confidence.

Course Contents

  • Vocabulary, simple English Lexicon.
  • Received Pronunciation
  • Basic Grammatical structure (syntax).
  • Fluency through communication approach.
  • Enhancing listening skill through listening activities in language labs.
  • Presentation skill via individual pair and group activities.
  • Basic Phonetics & phonology.
  • Reading comprehensive via (SEL).
  • Communication skills through Role-Play, jig-saw, activities, discussions, debates, speeches, presentation, interviews etc.
  • Academic and professional proficiency.
  • Writing skills, CV, resume writing cover and reference letter, application writing.
  • Interview skills and exemplary performance at work place.
  • Learning the proficient special speech, skills for ceremonies and seminars.
  • Proficient speaking skills via regular presentation skills.